Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Excuses and Reasons

For every excuse I have, I have a reason. An excuse for why I can’t, a reason why I can:

1. My three boys.

Being a mum is hard work, and my boys take a little extra care - speech therapy, occupational therapy, doctors visits, school consultations, plus the extra ‘homework’ therapy. I use them as an excuse all the time, I can’t do things because I have to put my kids first. But they are also the reason I can. How can I not set them a great example, how can I not set them up with great food habits for life - food that is good for them and will help them rather then fill them with additives and preservatives that will make life harder for them. Goodness knows I know how much food can affect how you feel!

My kids give me strength and a reason for living, and living well! I need to be healthy and fit to keep up with them for sure!

2. Mental Illness.

I have a social phobia which makes life a bit interesting! I used to have agorophobia - I was pretty much housebound with fear and it has taken a lot to recover from that. Part of that - both why it happened, and how I recovered - has been linked with food. I was underweight when I first started to get sick, living on coffee and cigerettes and a meal and a half each day. As the panic attacks felt like ‘hunger’, I have linked food and anxiety so I am now an ‘emotional eater’! I hate being hungry, I hate that weakish feeling! I have obviously used this as an excuse - it can even get me out of a workout when I start to feel a bit sick! But it is also the reason I need to get this under control. If good eating is a habit, I won’t end up with the same lifestyle that got me sick in the first place! Exercise is also great for me - and great for reducing stress and dealing with the stress hormones that build up.

It is time to let go of past fears and embrace my future. 

3. I'm studying!

I am in my final year at university, doing my Honours Project, and it is stressful!  It takes a lot of time, often requiring some last minute timetabling changes to fit things!  And of course I feel a bit guilty about having to pick up the kids and get other things done so having to say 'no' for fitness seems like pushing the boundaries a little too far.  But I need this, exercise helps me cope better with the stress, keeps me mentally alert and focused on the task at hand.  I can schedule better to make time as well!
From a potential work perspective as well, I know my supervisors value and respect fitness goals, and every bit helps when it comes to getting a job at the end of this!

Excuses rob us of power and control over our own lives, they turn us into victims.  I have the power to choose my fate... but am I brave enough to take on that responsibility?  I am not a victim.  I will choose.

Thanks for reading!

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