Friday, August 27, 2010

Exercise- It happened to me once!

Yup... Running!

I've done it... but have fallen off the wagon this last month or two.  But what is this wagon that I fell off?  Was I on a bandwagon of some kind?  No way - I am not jumping on anyones bandwagon!!  So no falling off a wagon for me!  I didn't run for a while because I was feeling a bit off colour - I've had a cold and a stomach bug and so have each of the kids!  And then I just started avoiding it because it was easier.
I don't get it.. I LOVE to run.
I've entered into two races of a 5 race series, two races I missed, the first because it was before I started running, the last because I had an injury and was overloaded with uni stuff (yes, I was making excuses!).  There is one race left.. on the 10th of October!  Plenty of time to train and get that 30min goal happening!
As I have confronted all my excuses, I can commit wholeheartedly to acheiving this goal.  I will take care so as not to get an injury or fall ill as they are the only reasons I won't be able to do this!

I went for a run this afternoon.  It's on my runkeeper so I have evidence! lol  5.5km in 50mins doing 4min run, 2min walk and 5min warm up and cool down; 300cal burnt.

I'm happy!

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