Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food Log: 10 January 2012


I feel happy and alive now that I am living a healthy lifestyle and have my weight down below 50kg.  I love running and I love the days I get to spend building my strength in the gym.  Eating healthy food comes  naturally to me, my first choice is always some fruit or vegies and I always make sure I get enough protein and good carbs to fuel my body.  The best thing is, I feel like I have balance now that I also commit to the hours required for my PhD and ensure the time I spend with my children is quality time!  Just by spending 20mins a day on the housework and establishing basic routines, my house is also clean and fresh, and my budget under control so I feel really good about shopping for new home that will suit our needs better.  It feels so good to be in control of my life and steering myself toward my goals!

Food: logged on Calorie King..


Exercise: 5km run planned for tonight – too smokey and got home from uni too late.

Sleep last night: I ended up being really late home last night and decided to spend a bit of time tv watching before bed as well.. result = midnight bedtime!  Woke at 7:30am this morning so probably 7hrs sleep.

Business:  On computer until 9am, housework, then off to uni at 2pm to work in the lab until 6pm!

TDEE =1500 + ? exercise =  1500 calories used up =  100 deficit!

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