Saturday, January 7, 2012

Food Log: 7 Jan 2012

I am starting this log at 10am, I’ve just finished breakfast and really not happy with myself.  I feel like my ass is indented into the bed where I sit with my lappy.  Heck, my husband even cooked my breakfast and made my tea (two already).  The kids don’t want to hit the beach so there goes my plan for a family morning trip.  I just need to break this cycle!

Breakfast: Egg on toast (no butter) – 250 cals

Snack: 3/4 Mango - 100 cals

Lunch: Salad and about a cup of chopped left over chicken with salsa, in a wrap – 350 cals

Snack: yogurt – 70 cals

grapes plus a bit of watermelon – 100 cals

multigrain crackers – 80 cals

Dinner: cujan couscous! – 150 cals

Supper: hot chocolate – 70 cals

Drinks: cups of tea x 2 (cals included in breakfast);

water 1-2 500mL bottles

Exercise: 7k run in pm = 450cals

Sleep last night: I went to bed around 2am last night, woke up at around 9am, so about 7 hours sleep.  I was quite hyped up on tea so needed a valium to sleep.

Business:  On computer until 2pm then off to uni to sit at a desk at a computer for a few hours!


Total: 1200 cals eaten…

TDEE =1500 + 450 exercise = 1950 calories used up = 750 deficit!


Happy Smile

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