Monday, January 16, 2012

Now I lay me down to sleep..


and I hope I fall asleep.  Quickly and easily and heavily!  I want to sleep until 6:30am and I want to wake up refreshed.  I was thinking I would run in the morning but I need to sleep first!

I will wake up and have a glass of water instead of tea, put on my gym clothes and go for walk.

I am now setting my alarm, and then listening to my hypnosis on the iPhone.


  1. Jen I have also used the hypnosis too do you think it works?? I did!

  2. Yeah, I reckon it works! I need to change mine, the latest update of the app I use included some religious content which I don't agree with.
    I am still trying to get my sleep back on track. I slept 14hrs yesterday!