Friday, January 6, 2012

Food Log: January 6

food-diaryThis week’s challenge is to keep a food log for the week. I’m starting a bit late with it being Friday but seven days should be enough for me to see any trends!  I will post each day as we go for the next seven weeks with a general log of what I have eaten, the exercise I have done, an account of my sleep the night before, and my general mood and business.
Breakfast: Sultana Bran with Skinny Milk
Snack: Handful of grapes
Lunch: Meat Pie (Angus style!)
Snack: beetroot (6 slices)
Dinner: Chicken salsa with green vegies and corn, Turkish Delight and 1/4 jelly for dessert
Supper: multigrain crackers (12), tiny tin of baked beans, peice of bread, glass of milk
Drinks: cups of tea x 5 (natvia sugar plus milk in small coffee cups)
Exercise: 5k run in pm = 300cals
Sleep last night: I went to bed around 3am last night, woke up past nine am, so about 6ish hours sleep
Business:  I’ve mostly spent the morning on the computer with just a couple of cleaning tasks done. I hosed out the back verandah too.  But yeah, pretty much on my ass all day! 
The things marked in Purple are already done, the black titles are ‘projected’ and need to be updated tonight!

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