Friday, January 20, 2012

You can do everything…

Just not all at once!  And deciding what I should be doing at any one moment is HARD!  You see, I have three kids, a house to run and clean, a budget to manage, things to save for, a marriage to plan, a relationship to maintain, an extended family, my health and fitness, my kids health and fitness.. so many things.  So little time.

Time which I am currently wasting doing this!

But (which is another way of saying ‘ignore the last thing I just said because I am about to), I need to plan!

So far today I have cleaned up the kitchen, even clearing out the pantry and throwing out a old things in the fridge.

I still need to:

  • plan dinner
  • do a load of washing, and hang out, bring in and fold yesterdays stuff too
  • check the budget and plan weekend activities
  • pick up the last things on the book list
  • prepare lunch
  • spend an hour just playing with kids
  • get into uni and do the clean up, send for sequencing

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