Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good morning World!


Okay, so that picture is wildly inappropriate for this post.  This morning, this week in fact, involved little sunshine and a lot a of rain.  Perhaps this picture would be better…


Yes, that is right.  The world is raining on my parade!  I was going to start my half marathon training this week and the rain became my excuse.  Yes, I could have run anyway, but it was raining.. kind of.  The rain was a convenient excuse although most of the time, it had slowed to a stop by the time I was out for a run.  I may have overcome this excuse, but I also had a major case of DOMS in my legs from Tuesdays workout – Yes, I did get to the gym twice this week! 

And comes forth my dilemma.  I have so much trouble finding the motivation to go out and run.  I love it when I do, but, this week anyway, getting to the gym is so much easier then getting out to run.  It also comes down to the timing though.  I can get to the gym at 9am, after I drop off the kids at school.  The only problem is that it cuts into my study time.  The running, however, I do in the evening – I have to make sure I time my meals, organise dinner for everyone else, make sure I am hydrated, etc., etc.  It is a lot harder to make it out with so many more excuses.  Morning running is an option but would require leaving the boys to wake up by themselves, and much more motivation and energy then I have!  I have done it for a week and found that I burnt less calories as I hadn’t eaten, tended to do shorter runs as I was time constrained, and ended up yawning all day long!

This is how the temptation of lean and strong has once again reared its head.  I am now thinking that maybe I should ditch the marathon training, do lean and strong with a couple of extra shorter (5k) cardio runs in the afternoons.  I could do the training after I drop off the kids to school, head straight into university and then do a run when I get home in the afternoon.  I will have to do my best to speed through the workouts, do my abdominal work at home to save time, and maybe look at setting up a home gym as I go along.

Thing is, I don’t need to decide now.  I am using my indecision as an excuse in itself.  I need to work out what I am doing this week.  So here goes for my exercise planning, the meal planning will happen tonight!


  • Measurements appointment for 10wk challenge at gym at 9am
  • Legs


  • Arms
  • 40min run


  • Zumba or boxing


  • Legs


  • Arms
  • 40min run


  • Rest Day


  • 40min Run (morning)

Plus Abdominal work after each run!


That is the plan, lets see how we go!


  1. Great read. I'll be back. Loving your blog. I too have a boy with Asperger's and it's a constant challenge meeting in 'halfway-worlds' to understand each other. The dangers of not being able to be accountable for one's actions is frightening. Fantastic list of goals, Jen. Here's to an amazing 12-week journey (and beyond) ...


  2. Lots of terrific exercises, but when he realized that I wasn’t going to stick with him as a client, he actually crapped out on designing me a good core workout.