Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 weeks down..

That is right, two weeks done and dusted and I am still in the game. First week was a bit hodge podge with exercise with a PT session on Wednesday throwing out the rest of the week, but I still did the SSS.  This week has been squeaky clean exercise wise – super proud of myself for sticking to it.

I have done okay with sleep up until last night when I got the ‘stay up till 4am’ bug happening.  I’m avoiding my uni work for some reason and I just need to JFDI – starting as soon as I have done this post!

Nutrition has been an issue.  Not so much because I am eating bad food, but rather that I have not been able to plan properly this week due to budgeting costs so my lunches and snacks have been random. 

I am still unsure of exactly how many calories I should be eating.  Part of me says I should do 1200 while trying to lose weight, another part says I need to build muscle so should be doing closer to 1800 and the other part says, 1500 is a reasonable deficit and more achievable.  I am thinking that 1500 is a happy compromise!

Activity wise, week 2 bought forth the Inspiration Board challenge which I have to admit to loving!  I was able to have a go at a few things in Photoshop that I would never have been able to otherwise!  So here is the result:


I am pretty happy that I have got my goals on there, and that my affirmation is there in plain sight.  There is plenty of room to add more as well which is great!  What is also great is that I didn’t go into it thinking ‘I want to win the challenge’ but rather just enjoyed the challenge for what it was!

Results wise, I had a nice loss this week with a half a kilo gone on the Tuesday (Wednesday morning I missed weigh-in) so I am not expecting a loss at all this coming week.  Mind you, I would be stoked if I can keep up with 500g each week for a 2kg total in the first four weeks (and then 2kg in next four weeks, and 4kg in last four weeks for a total of 8kg!).  I get so excited just at the thought of the scales hitting under 50kg.  That would be AMAZING! 

But better still is the thought of getting back to the shape and size I am in my head. I still see myself as skinny and find photos of myself quite shocking!  But soon reality and fantasy will meet and I shall be live my dream!



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