Monday, June 25, 2012

In sickness and in health.

It doesn’t matter how well you plan, the unexpected will happen.  And that includes sickness.  I’ve come down with a nasty nasty chest infection.  I went down on Saturday afternoon with the fever peaking that night.  Sunday was spent asleep and feverish, and today I am tired, worn out, coughing, headachy and sore all over.

How do healthy people cope with sickness?  I missed my planning day, I didn’t have the energy to cook, I couldn’t stomach a full meal but needed nutrients and fuel to keep my body going.  Normally when sick I turn to convenience foods.. icecream is a favourite as it soothes my throat, chocolate provides a quick energy hit, takeout is easy option as I recover. 

But not this time.  Because I was already planning and am now organised, I had soups and frozen meals ready to go.  I have kept water beside my bed so I could stay hydrated.  I was ready for the unexpected!

I need to cut back my training but my nutrition is clean.  Even though I have not kept track of calories so I can’t say if I went over or under calories.. I listened to my body and ate when hungry, kept my hydration levels up, and rested.

And the best thing is that I didn’t even have to think about it.  There was no choice or decision making involved as everything was there ready.  Hubby reheated my soups as they were there and easy, my water was available, and even my snacks were already prepared! 

Organisation really is the key.  If you are organised, you can beat anything!

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