Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The best laid plans..

This week I have been trialling an iPhone app called “DietTracker”. 

I downloaded the free version as it seemed ideal to me.. take pictures of what you eat throughout the day, add the calorie estimates when you get home and can jump on Calorie King for five minutes! 

Half way through the day and I had to pay for the full version ($1.99) because the free version only records three meals (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea in my case) and is therefore pretty useless!

I love that it automatically assigns a meal as ‘breakfast’, ‘morning snack’, ‘lunch’, etc and you can manually enter a meal you skipped or add notes on other items you had eaten.  '

It keeps a tally of your calories as you go (provided you enter them) so a quick estimate is good. It is also forcing me to remember the calorie value for foods I eat as well! 

I have noticed, over the past few days of using it, that I am a heavy night time eater.  Possibly because I have not been keeping ‘normal’ hours.  I’ve been staying up quite late at night which is hindering my progress.

Time to make a choice.  I need to choose to go to bed early and wake up early and not accept any other option. 

So that is how it will be from now onwards!


  1. Hi Jen, does this app sync with Calorie King - if so that is an awesome discovery. I don't count calories all the time, but gosh it's handy if the old weight starts creeping up.

    1. No Liz, it doesn't sync with CK (though that would be awesome!). It has the option to enter in the calories for each meal so you can estimate and check later!