Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surf’s up guys! It’s time to ride that wave!

PP0291It is week 3 already!  And the one thing you notice on the forums this week is that many people hit a slump!  The thrill of starting has worn off, the reality of how long this will take is sinking in, and old habits are starting to creep back in.

It takes 28 days, or 4 weeks, to change your habits and well, week 3 is ‘hump’ week!  We are nearly at the top of that wave, it is time to stand up and ride it, or slip back and wait for the next wave.

For those of you who, like me, struggle this week more so then others, it is time to go back and watch that mindset lesson on riding the wave!  Remember that this feeling of apathy, fatigue, fear, or whatever it is holding you back.. it will pass!  Not being motivated, not ‘feeling like it’, not being the right time.. they are not reasons to give up!  They are the reasons you need to hang in there, to keep going! 

Acknowledge where you finding difficulty but find solutions!  I am finding apathy a huge problem for me and so I am looking for ways to fix it.  My affirmation is a great start – it helps to keep me focused.  As does remembering that someone, out there, is giving it their all and will get results and I don’t want to be the one, in twelve weeks time, regretting that I didn’t get my act together this week.

Know what you need to do and do it. It isn’t hard to stick to the program once you work out what you need to do.  I need to print off my exercise plan each week and stick it into my book, I need to go to the gym each day (even when I don’t feel like it).  I need to plan my meals each week, do up the shopping list, make up some meals in advance, and prepare snacks the day before.  These are now my goals.  These are my baby steps!

I’m focusing on the ‘doing’ with a clear knowledge of where that doing is taking me!  When your goal seems far away, when motivation is a memory, it is time to just focus on what is right in front of you – your next baby step!  JFDI!

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  1. Hi Jenifer. Love your blog. Found it via the 12WBT forums. Hope you don't mind but I added it to my growing list of fabulous blogs. :)


    Let me know if you want another photo as the main pic. :)