Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keep steering the ship to stay on course!

You know where you want to be and you’re taking steps to get there!  Of course you will reach your goal!  Right?

Not always!  Sometimes the winds of life can set ship of course, just by the slightest amount but this can mean we end up so far away from reaching our goal!  We still might end up in a nice place, but then, we might not!

Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem with changing our goals as we get closer and realise the potential options on the horizon.. goals we didn’t even know were possible!

But we don’t want to go off course by accident and end up missing any goals!

Or even get so caught up between two goals that we fall short of both!

There are two main points I want to make:

1.  You need to make sure the path you are on is taking you toward your goal and that you are not wasting energy wobbling between two choices; and

2.  You need to make sure you stay on that path by keeping regular tabs on where you are heading by checking the landmarks along the way!

An example?

I am seeing a lot of Lean and Strong participants trying to do running, training for a half-marathons, or just jumping on the treadmill for hours because they think they should!  Now, everyone is different but really.. why do lean and strong and cardio when you could just do lean and fit and get exactly the same result without putting so much pressure on yourself? to carry on the ship analogy, you are zig-zaging between two paths so that you travel four times the distance to end up not hitting either of your goals.  And to then try and do that on restricted calorie intake? Your ship is going to run out of steam before you even get to goal!  Choose a goal, choose your course and go with it. It is only three months!  Why not commit to one goal for this three months and see what can achieve? 

example number 2…

We weigh-in each week.  Why?  To make sure we are on course!  For the lean and stronger’s, the monthly measurements are a much better indication but you know what?  You can do them more often provided you are aware of potential fluctuation in bloating and fluid retention, particularly in the tummy area!

But beyond measurements we also need to review our diet and exercise habits for the week.  I’ve noticed in the cold weather I am turning to hot drinks more and more!  Usually tea, hot chocolates, or Caro!  Those 45cal Choc’o’Lait drinks are great, but I had gotten into the habit of adding milk so I am now adding a touch of cold water instead.. tastes just as good!  My tea and caro however… 80-100ml of milk each time is not good!  This is something I need to keep track of.

I haven’t been keeping a proper food diary either which I had planned to do.  So I will start that up now.  Even if I just write down what I had and not stress about calories!



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