Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why I will succeed.

1. I know where I am going!  I have set my goals and although they are broad, they are all strength and flexibility based.  They include: a handstand, butterfly stretch, the splits, pull-ups, bench-press and squat 40kg and 50kg respectively, full sit-up, sub 60min 10km and I’m thinking I need to put ninja jumps in there too!  Even my 10k run is a strength based exercise as I am working on improving my speed while maintaining my endurance!.

2. I’ve looked at where I’ve been.  The past holds many clues for us.  Particularly what excuses and beliefs have been blocking our progress.  Past behavior is the biggest predictor of future behavior so you need to know what you are up against and PLAN for it.  There is no point outlying our excuses if we don’t come up with an effective plan to combat them!  This is not a once of exercise either.  You need to do this regularly because you will make mistakes and you need to see what went wrong!

Example:  I’m too busy and don’t have time.  To combat this excuse I will set aside and hour each Sunday for planning, and 10mins each morning to go over my day and set my priorities.  I will make nutrition and exercise a priority.

3. I’ve made my commitment.  I believe this is the hardest one.  It is easy enough to talk the talk.  You can say you can do something.  It’s easy.  But sit and close your eyes, imagine yourself doing exactly what you are saying you are going to do.  Imagine those worst case scenarios when you just don’t want to wake up, when you need to compromise on something, or when you need to ask for help.  You need to make sure you are fully aware of what you are committing to.  Write it down!  Write down where the line is as well.  Write down that you will not go to the gym if you have a fever, if the kids are particularly sick (not just a cold), or if you are injured, have a an assignment due the next day.  This will stop you from feeling like a failure if you can’t do something.  Similarly, plan for a treat meal!

And now you really need to commit, heart and soul, to it.  Every single day for the rest of the 12 weeks.  Every day you need to wake up and see that goal, see your commitment, stay focused. 


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