Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is it really that easy? Meditation rocks!

I've had a good week in general.  A few highs, a few lows.

I've gone for a run in the morning - that was on Monday.
Last night I had a row of chocolate and stopped.  I didn't devour the whole block.
I've been having fruit everyday for the last couple of days.
And I haven't been to macca's since I paid up for the challenge!

Now the only differences in my life have been signing up to the challenge and listening to a mediation cd by Jon Gabriel which is designed to help with weightloss.

I've always been a strong believer in the power of the mind, and I believe that in harnessing that power we have the opportunity to change so much of ourselves.  We can shape our personality, our lifestyle, and even something as simple as our taste in food.

I suffer from food aversions quite easily.  I ate a banana that was not quite ripe a few years back and even the smell of a banana now brings back memories of the aching chest pains that followed!  If somehow I could harness that power so that junk food just seems horrible then maybe I would have a few issues of mine resolved! 

So here is the plan, when I think of maccas or chocolate I will consciously make myself feel yukky - imagine myself vomiting or getting sick.  This should hopefully turn around some of my automatic 'I want more' reactions to food.  Of course I need to start liking healthy foods as well which will take some time.  I need to find some things that I truely luuuuurve and get myself hooked on them! 

Some other ways to use our mind and mediation techniques:
1. While relaxing, imagine yourself in a situation where you are tempted and then 'pretend' yourself reacting to that situation in a succesful way and feeling fantastic about it.
2. Imagine your lifestyle when you reach your goal, doing something you love to do with a healthy body.  Focus on how great it feels to be sucessful, how things are easier to do, that people look at you and treat you differently.  Make it as real as possible by focusing on small things - like the sand in your toes, or feeling the wind blowing your hair back as you run, or even the smell of the ocean!
3. When exercising, do some mundane mental tasks such as remembering all the teachers you have had, or making up a story or poem - it will take your focus off your exertion level so you don't wallow in your pain - it won't seem quite as bad then!

I will mention this again later and let you all know if it is working or not!

Change your atttitude:  Change your life!

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  1. So true. I think of peanut butter and i feel sick these days - because i had a reaction to it once. I think i'll try that with maccas etc too!

    Another similar trick i learnt is saying "no" out loud (or in your head) but out loud reinforces the fact that it is simply not a choice anymore :)

    Oh and kudos for being able to stop at one row - i can NEVER stop so i have to avoid it all together!!!