Sunday, June 19, 2011

Climb that mountain!

My MiniMilestone was a big one this week and very nearly didn't happen.  I have struggled with my JFDI this week, struggled with decisions beyond my control, and am still in the recovery phase after a bout of illness.  I woke this morning with a massive headache (continuing from last night) which I think was due to using a little too much of my neck yesterday.. but more on that later!  I did it though, I ran/walked/shuffled up Mt Archer - 5km, and 474m up (last time it said 380m up though so who knows!).

So my weekend started yesterday with my fitness test first up!  I wasnt' feeling the best but I had commited to meeting Nat (Snowbear, aka Poptart Lady) for my first ever Body Pump class!  I had not done what I should have done on Thursday (because I had to work) and Friday (because I was a lazy ass), so I need to get my fitness test done that morning or it wasnt' going to happen.  So JFDI...

I did my 1km time trial in 4: 59 !  I almost cried!  That is an improvement on my original 5: 36 from 4 weeks ago.  I am well and truely in advanced for cardio fitness.
Push-Ups:  I did 34 in the 60 secs - I ran out of time rather then got too fatigued as I was on rough ground and was shifting around a bit.  I am sure I can improve on that again.
Wall Sit: I did worse in!  I only lasted 1:07 rather then the 1: 19 of last time.  I am thinking it was  form thing though - I remember last time I was thinking that the wall was a bit rough and holding me  up a bit!  This time I felt like I was doing it properly!
Ab Stage:  I am still at 0!  I thought I might get there but I can't get past a crunch.  It could be a form thing, or it could be that after 3 children I have a lot of core work to do!  I am working on it, but I may need to up the ante if I really want to get a sit up done! 
Flexibility:  I managed to hit the 0 mark with some effort on the third go, and a bit of a bounce to it as well... not sure if it really counts.  Still a huge improvement on 5cm short of 0!  Another intermediate for this one!
So all up, my fitness is 1x advanced, 3x intermediate, and 1x beginner! Good improvements all round, and a good indication on what I need to work on.

Now, next big thing was that I did my first Pump class, and followed it with an hours cardio to hit 500cals for the day!  A huge thankyou to Nat (Snowbear) for being my motivation and companion in pain!  I went low on weights, really could have done a lot more but will see how I go next week.  I like the idea of Body Attack plus Body Pump as my super Saturday, and then a nice slow Balance class on Sunday!  I will trial doing a FitBall class as my core workout this week as well, and I might even try a Zumba class for fun on Tuesday (though this conflicts with my 'reading' at school).  What is even more awesome though, is that this is now a pretty minor thing, to do a new class.  A few weeks back, it was a major thing - I would have worried before hand, stressed out about it, spent the class with my 'nerves' on high.. It would have big deal!  But now, it is normal to do this.  How awesome is that!

Okay, up to the big deal for today... 5km, 400+ elevation, 500+ calories later, and one mountain conquered!  That is right, I walked it two weeks ago with Ash and Kobie in about 1hr and 10mins, but this week I tackled it alone and with a time in mind.. under an hour!  I did it in under 55mins, and that was with a fair bit of stopping and walking towards the end!  I took a few photos along the way, I kept thinking.. this must be the last corner.. and taking a photo, only to find it was not the last corner, so I have 3 photos of the 'last corner' lol!  My wonderful family were waiting for me at the top and ran the last 50m with me!

From Runkeeper:  It was fairly accurate this time!  The pictures were taken were the photo snaps are indicated on the map!

The veiw from abotu 3/4 the way up.  Looking down at Rockhampton.

Is this the last bend?
Surely this must be the last bend?
Nope, it wasn't the last bend but the view was awesome!

Now this one was the last bend!  Up the top there is about another 50m round a steep corner to get to the carpark (or you can take the stairs! :o).

Yup I made it to the top and still had the energy to smile!  My heart sure loves me today!

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