Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Rest and Reward Day!

I've worked hard this week, and I am honestly amazed I have stuck so well with the program this time.  I am thrilled to be here still even though I am not losing weight as yet (0.85kg doesnt' count!).  Yes, I lost some in preseason too...  Anyway, I decided to take today as a true rest and reward day!  Go-carting racing, a trip to the beach for lunch, and then an afternoon reading!

My four men!  Cam, JD, Dave, and Dyllan!

"Yeah baby!  I did that!"

Middle of winter and the boys just have to get in the water!

That's me, trying not to get wet in the rock pools!


  1. I've just had a lightbulb moment - are you the same Jeni that used to be on Nappycino & make Poochies nappies? Your kids' names are ringing a bell ...

  2. Georgie... I only just saw this but yes! That was me/ is me! I still have a room full of half sewn nappies that I will one day finish!