Thursday, June 30, 2011

Planning for Week 7

It has been great this week, with the challenge I gave myself to try all the classes at the gym.  So I missed bodyJam on Monday - it was only one class and I went on to conquer the next two 'new classes' and now have just two to go to complete my goal!  I've decided I need to plan for week 7 in advance to set myself new challenges and goals and stay motivated!


I will do my meal planning this week and Sunday will be cook- up day!  Cauliflower soup, Pumpkin soup, Broccoli soup and the yummy Chicken soup!  I reckon I might have to do a Nat's Lasagne, and Nacho's as well!  Given it is school holidays, I will see if I can spread the cooking out so I am doing a bit at home each morning!  I will write my meal plan and shopping list on here if I can!

Exercise -  I really liked doing the classes this week but I also need to stick to my L&S program a bit more.  I really like boxfit - that will be on my permenant schedule I think.. I have a feeling kickboxing might make it there too!  Body combat has been cancelled but I really like body attack and body pump double on the Saturday (but that means missing out on doing the SSS designed by Mish).

I will add more here as I go..

Update:  as at sunday evening!

I cooked up the Indian Chickpea Soup, printed out my meal plan and recipes, made up a shopping list and went shopping!  I have everything I could possibly need to be healthy this week!

Gym time: 6pm-8pm
Monday: upper and bodyjam
Tuesday: lower and boxfit
Wednesday: upper
Thursday: strong man training
Friday: kickboxing and core work (leave earlier -starts at 6pm)
Saturday: SSS
Sunday: Rest day

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