Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A letter to me...

BLOG CHALLENGE # 4 - The things I want to say to me

I'm not sure where you are right now?
Are you on top of the world. Do you have that awesome - wish you could bottle it - on top of the world feeling?
Or are you struggling? Do you know you deserve better and you are trying to find your way forward?
I want you to write yourself a letter entitled "The things I want to say to me"

Use your letter to help you remember how awesome right now is. Encourage yourself. Pat yourself on the back.

Or if you are struggling confirm to yourself how much you deserve better. Be kind but tough to yourself. Reestablish the reasons why YOU DESERVE this. Find that fighter within.
The biggest rule is ... you have to build yourself up in this letter. Not knock yourself down.

You guys inspire me soooo much! I can't wait to read your letters!

To me:
OH, for god's sake woman!  Would you  just let yourself be for one minute?  Life is not a competition.. and you are doing great.  You do need to get your ass into gear and get that uni stuff done though.  Now, be proud of how far you have come.. you love how you are feeling right now, you love the feeling of success.  Yes, somedays are hard and the good feeling are harder to find, the goal harder to see, and sometimes even the solid ground under your feet is harder to feel and you feel like your are running off the edge of the world.  But close your eyes and trust in yourself.  You are strong, you are beautiful, you are smart, and you are worthy!
Remember today.  Remember how it felt to see your body in the mirror, see your muscles full of blood and feel the muscle working hard while you lifted that barbell.  Remember how it felt yesterday when you finished those lunges - glimpsing in the mirror to see perfect form everytime - feeling that fatigue in your leg muscles and a huge sense of acheivement.  Remember saturday.. remember how you almost cried with happiness that you managed to wipe 40secs off your 1km time trial.  Remember sunday.. remember how your husband said he was amazed and proud that you ran up that mountain.. remember Cam clapping and cheering as you rounded the last corner.. remember how that felt! 
Everyday there are success to be found, moments where you amaze yourself with what you have acheived, how far you have come from that little lost soul trapped inside her house by fear.  You are amazing, extraordinary even! 
Now, promise me.. you must find something everyday to remember.  Something that you have done that is amazing, a success, an achievement, something positive and wonderful.  Write it down for me and you, to remember on those days when it is hard to feel the ground beneath our feet.
Love you always and forever

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