Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Time to give a shout out! Who or what is your greatest support? Share the love! Give your thanks!

Is it your mum? Your partner? Your bestie??
The forums? Twitter? Facebook??
Maybe it's your faithful dog?
Your HRM that never tells a lie

Let's take the time to recognise those in our life that keep us going day by day!
Be grateful! Write it down!

Support:  What is it?  A person or thing who bears the weight, stops you from falling.

Well, as I am falling right now, this sounds like a great question.  Who am I reaching for?  What is helping me to stop my fall?

I have called to talk to my Mum, and two of my sisters, all of whom offered great advice.. but no-one can make this decision for me.  Just having someone to call really helped though.. maybe that is support.  No matter what I choose I know that they would help me if I needed it.
Next I spoke to my husband.  Now, whether or not he supports me is a big question.  I know that he means well, I know that he wants me to acheive - but at what cost to him?  I get frustrated that he cannot seem to do the housework or childcare/parenting as well as I can.  That he wont do some things that I feel are important - but that is just who he is.  It is not on purpose!  I am looking to him right now to help me with my choice but he cannot stop me falling.  I don't think he even realises that I am falling.

Things are tough right now.  I dont' know if I want my PhD now - it has all gotten too hard.  But am I just running away?  Or am I making a wise decision based on reality?  But withstanding that, why do I suddenly decide to withdraw from life.  Why start making bad food choices, not going to the gym, not buying my plane ticket.   Because I am stressed and I don't where I will be.  I hate being undecided and up in the air.  I just want a decision made and acted upon!

So who is going to stop me from me falling?  Myself.  I am my greatest support.  I am the only one who can stop me falling back down into that hole.  It is just a simple choice... I just need to say NO!  To take that next step on the path I choose!

Now I am going to go get a cuppa.. print out my workout for this afternoon and then do some problem solving!  I need to choose my new path!

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