Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 5 begins on a High!

My muscles!
So a bit of good lighting and a whole of workout and.. Can you see it?  That nice little muscle poking up just a tiny bit?  It took a lot of flexing energy to get that photo - in the middle of my final set of push-ups and the end of a chest/arms day. But there it is.. I can see it, feel it, and kiss it! 

So yup, I am feeling nice and powerful today (And yes, the big muscly people can stop giggling in the back row).  My workout went well.  I did my rowing/push-up circuit okay - on toes, and went through the rest quite well.  the lat-pull downs at 23kg, the assisted chins at 43kg (12kg) with 3 sets of 6, reverse pull-ups on the treadmill bar (these felt off though), 6kg for the dumbbell chest press on fitball, dropset was the cable row which I did 8/8 reps at 30 and 23 kg, cable crossover I did at 36kg (it said it was equivelent to 1/4 the weight shown) but I am not sure if I am doing these right, and the chest press on incline I did with 15kg on the bar (I think the bar is 1-2kg).  My final set of pushups really were hard - not painful, just the muscles didn't even seem to be there (3x8reps).  The abs circuit was good... the planks I did on toes for the first circuit at 1min, then 3mins on knees with no problem for the other two.  The assisted cruch with medicine ball was great - I think I need more of these as that is where I am stuggling to move up the abs levels!

I walked away feeling fantastic.. 250cals easily burnt and my first 500ml of water down the hatch!

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