Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 2 Wrap Up

I didn't blog as much this week as I have had quite a hectic time of it on top of being unwell.  Not dramatically unwell, just a headcold!  Unfortunatly it blew my mindset a bit and I have let the nutrition slip a little and missed my super saturdays.  But today I blew my mindset out of the water by climbing a mountain...

I did  my workouts throughout the week and really enjoyed them!  I upped my weights on a lot of things and have finally got my lunges worked out!  Interestingly, my DOMS in the upper body have eased, while the lower body is now killing me!  It feels sooo good to have that pain though!  I know that I have worked hard!  I did slack off on the cardio a little, mostly due to the congestion from the cold (I'm a mouth breather now! lol), but otherwise I have done okay.  OH, I did skip wednesday's core - I thought I could do it at my office, but didn't wear the right clothes or take a gym mat so of course it didn't get done.  Core day is at the gym from now on!

I am cheating a bit with my calories as well, I am super hungry at night and have been snacking.  I had pizza one night and found I slept through (no midnight snacking) so I am thinking that I may be underestimating my calorie intake during the day and if I am more careful I might be able to get a good night's sleep!  so this week I will be tracking on calorie king for the week and see how I go!

Weigh in was frustrating.. my new scales came up with 55.9 kg but I missed the rest so jumped back on - up to over 57kg and then the next two turns were in the 56 range.  Checked on my old scales and got 55.4 to 55.9 so I went with 55.9kg for the official weigh-in.  It has only registered as a .75g loss as it takes from my original weight (last week I had a gain to 57.2kg) so the loss was closer to a kilo.  Not sure how I will go this week as I haven't stuck to the meal plan too well.

Now, I did mention that I skipped wednesdays workout, and super saturday, due to bad planning and this head cold, but...  I made up for it today!

Today, I climbed a mountain!  Literally!

It is a lovely 5km track to the top (and we walked back down again) but the climb is quite steep in parts!  It is 604m above sea level,  but, according to runkeeper, it was a 340m elevation from where we began, and then back down again.  650cals burnt!  To make it even more special, I completed it with Kobie and Ash from the 12wbt!  We just need to convince Snowbear to come along as well! 

My goal is now to run it.. I'm going to try next fortnight, as part of my mini milestone!

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