Friday, July 1, 2011

But I'm Special!

I've realised there is a new breed of excuse out there as I revisit pre-season task 2!  It's the 'I'm Special' excuse coming to an ego near you soon!  It started with something Mish said on the video the other day and it suddenly clicked - I think I am special!  I think that I don't need to follow the program exactly!  Well, how has that been working for me?  ummm.. Not so good given it got me fat in the first place and why it has taken me so long to lose a measly 5kg (third round now!).

So to quote Mish (roughly) "some people seem to think they are "special" or just too clever to follow the program".  Now, reasonably - there are people with 'special needs' on the program, some with injuries and dietary needs, but these are not the people Mish is talking about.  It's not the people who are in difficult stages of life - stuck living at home with an unsupportive family, a stay at home mum with little kids at home.  It is not the people who do know a bit about exercise and swap their training around a bit, or who swap their meals around.  The sitation itself is not what is being defined here - but it is the attitude that leads to not doing the program as it is set out! It's skipping this or that, not participating fully, or making a half-arsed effort and then wondering why it isn't working!

So, are you sitting there saying "I don't need to do that because I am special" (where special means that I think I can lose weight anyway).  Well, it is time to wake up!  For the "me's" out there who think you are just too damn good and don't have to do the pre-season tasks (honestly and thoroughly - a 5min whizz through is not suffiicient), who think they don't really need to plan out their food or do that weekly shop, who don't do a food diary, plan their exercise, mark off red flag and check menu's before you go out, and don't finish their workouts or get their 4-500 cals a day exercise - how is that working for you?

Of course you need to do the pre-season tasks, of course you need to track your food, follow the meal plans (with allowences for dietary needs and special circumstances), do the exercise 6 days a week, watch the videos AND be a supportive member of the online community as well.  If you don't do those things, how can you expect to get the most out of the program?  How can you expect to acheive your goals unless you define them?  How will you ever move past your excuses unless you write down what they are and work at finding a solution?  How will you ever learn about nutrition and healthy eating unless you let someone teach you?  How will you recognise the eating habits that are holding you back unless you really look at what you are eating - honestly?  How can you fill your world with 'like-minded' people unless you participate in the forums or events?  How can you learn from Mish if you never watch the videos?  I could go on but I am sure you get the point by now!  Each aspect of the program is there for a reason!

So what am I going to do?  Well, the aspect of the program I have not been participating in is the meal planning and shopping.  Really slack on my behalf.  I also didn't fully give myself to the pre-season tasks which is why I am here, looking over them again!  I have done them all before on the other rounds so I dont' need to right?  Wrong!  I just need to delve deeper which I think is what I have acheived in this post.  So I will add to my 'excuses' list:  I think I am special and much too clever to have to follow the program.  Solution:  I will embrace each task and aspect of the program fully and without the attitude!

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