Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strengths - you better believe it!

Blogging Challenge Week 2

Tell me about your STRENGTHS

I WANT to know about your physical strengths.
I WANT to know about your mental strenghts.
I WANT to know about the habits you have that make you strong
I WANT to know what it is about you that makes you the fighter that is inside.

You can't just tell me one thing. Tell me what makes you strong.

Make me BELIEVE it! Make me BELIEVE you are going to fight for your health and you HAVE the power!

Tell me what prepares you to fight these 12 weeks now to make you extraordinary.
What is deep inside you that means you are going to succeed.
And how are you going to use those strengths??

Inspire me.
Cause you ARE inspirational to me.
Now I want to be sure that YOU believe it..

I have strengths, and I will tell you about them!

I am strong!  I completly rock at strength training!  I am enjoying it so much as I am finding out what I am good it - like squats!  I learn fast too and have nailed Lunges as well which had me in tears only a week ago!  I can leg press 100kg - I couldn't do that a week ago!  I am finding that I feel so powerful when doing the upper body workouts as well, and already I can see my ab strength increasing!  At this rate I will be getting advanced in everything!  Oh, and I was able to do one of the advanced balance moves in Body balance the other day - all thanks to the numerous calf raises I have been torturing myself with!
I am persistent and will never fail!  No matter what happens, I will always keep trying, keep getting back up, and never ever ever give up!  I can even give you examples... at age 15 I developed a love of genetics and decided then and there that I would become a scientist.  It has taken 20yrs, but I got my degree and am now doing my PhD.  I had lots of obstacles - I needed to grow up for a start!  I raised my family, battled anxiety, and got through many challenges in my marriage in order to get there!  Even just in these rounds, my persistence is paying off.  I may not have lost a lot each round, but it is adding up - 7kg so far - and even if it takes me 10 rounds - I will do what it takes to get to goal.
I am courageous and will face my fears with dignity!  I have done so every day for the last 15 years as I have battled with overwelming fears so there is no need to stop now.  I will continue to exist outside of my comfort zone - who needs comfortable anyway!  I am so proud that I have overcome many fears associated with exercise - it began with running - the fear of being out of breath, and vomiting from exertion and not being able to 'get home' instantly.  Now I am even doing my ab workouts at the gym and have worked through some nausea from eating yogurt too soon before a workout.  I know now that I can push my body, and that it is predictable - if I love it and respect it, it will love and respect me back!
I am intelligent and have a thirst for knowledge.  I love to know more, to read the research and find my own opinion on debated matters. I like to look things up and to share my knowledge as well. And the learning is not just of the 'book' kind!  I am learning about my own body, what it needs, how it communicates with me.  I am taking in the information that Michelle B is giving us in the program and running with it!  I have already learnt so much about nutrition, how much food my body needs, how to get the maximum nutrition in for that food, and what nutrition I need to get the results I want from MY body!
I am not a perfectionist!  Some people seem to think that perfectionism is something to aspire to but I have been there and found it doesn't work for me!  I need to be able to forgive myself, to accept that I am not perfect and that is okay - I won't always stick to the program and that is okay!  It does not mean it is time to give up.  I am my own best friend - I will give myself a push when I need it, and I will give myself a break when I need it!

I'm thinking I might even come up with a few more but I don't want to go on for too long!  My awesomeness might be overwelming for some so I will leave it at that!  lol

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