Friday, September 2, 2011

Base measurements

gym 001I figured I had better get in and get some basic records started for my lean and strong journey this round!  So off to the gym went this little black duck!

  • 3x 400m rows/ 400m sprints
  • The row I can do in 2mins, the sprints were at 10km per hour
  • Bent over row (20kg)
  • Chest Press (15kg)
  • Tricep (10kg)
  • Shoulder Press (10kg)
  • Dumb-bell Bicep curls (2x 5kg)
  • Squats (25kg)
  • 15 sit-ups; 1min plank; 15 twisting crunches
  • plus a bit extra on abs and another 400m sprint at 11km/hr for fun!

gym 002

It felt so good to get back into it!  I am gonna be killer sore tomorrow though!

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