Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preparation for Season 3: Week Two

001 copyThis first week didn’t go to plan, probably due to a significant lack of planning!  I had my confirmation presentation on Wednesday, and public speaking is a big deal for nearly everyone.  I think I can forgive myself as I hadn’t had to time to begin the good habits I really needed to be in place for times like these!  So that is my goal this round… to get those habits firmly in place so ‘red flags’ are easier to deal with!

The week didn’t go too bad really, well, until Wednesday night when I decided to celebrate.  A little too much celebration has taken place – late nights and alcohol, take out as well.  I don’t feel too great to be honest, tired, and my belly just feels.. off. I had a huge shock this morning when I weighed in at over 54kg – I was 53kg on Wednesday! But I know how to make this program work.  I just need to JFDI, so today I did.

  • Breakfast: egg on toast (220cals)
  • Morning tea: Bodywise bar (125cals) and berry muffin (150cals)
  • Lunch: Beefy Salsa and couscous  (350cals)
  • Afternoon tea:  Yogurt -Tamar valley (150cals)
  • Dinner:  Jen’s lasagne (300cals)

And if I get hungry later.. I have my small tins of baked beans.  I’ve had three cups of tea as well.  It is nearly 5pm and I am not yet hungry for the lasagne so I think my couscous meal is a good filler!

110g of lean beef, 1/4 jar of doritos salsa dip, a pinch of taco seasoning, 1/4 cup of couscous (w/ 1/4 cup of water and a pinch of a stock cube) – very easy, very yum, and around 350cals I think.  I know I have gone over 1200 calories for the day, but I have made good choices about what I am eating.

The best thing is though, I cleaned out the fridge and got my shopping done for my meal plan!  That means I actually have half a chance of following it! I’ve just started with planning my dinners – lunches tend to be a bit erratic and although I have ‘options’ I don’t want to be confined to certain meals on certain days.  I can have either  leftover Lasagne, an egg and lettuce sandwich, a nicoise salad, or whatever other leftovers I have!  Snacks shouldn’t be too much of an issue either…  have my vita wheat biscuits and Cruskits, Bodywise bars, yogurts, and baked beans.  And breakfast will be my standards oats or special K with fruit.

I am feeling really positive about this week – but for now, tonight is what I need to focus on.  Tonight I will do my best to set up myself for great hot body for summer!

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