Sunday, September 11, 2011

CQPhysio Spring Classic


race day 017So it is my first race of the season, and remembering back to 12mths ago, I started the 12wbt with a goal of a sub 30 5k race.. which I acheived by the end of the round.  Here I am 12 months on and competing in my first race since I hit that goal in October 2010.  I haven’t been training for running, I’ve done a round of lean and strong and the only running training I have done was a 3km run 2wks ago, and a 6km run on wednesday!  I went into this race thinking that maybe I would be around the 30min mark.. I astounded myself however and took to running like a duck to water.  Once I got my feel for it.. I ran!



I came in 30th overall, 9th female, with a PB of 28:57mins!  I am stoked with that!

race day 002The event was a fantastic one, the organisers are a new business “Human Race Events” who are trying to bring a bit more for the massive running community in Rockhampton.  It was great with proper ‘chip’ timing, race shirts, water bottles and even a stubby holder in the race pack.. free muffins at the end of the race and a coffee supplier there as well.  There was live entertainment too – fantastic singer and band!  They had trophies for the winners but I would love it if they could organise ‘finisher’ medals – I reckon there would be a lot more ‘newbies’ turning up for it!race day 005

One thing that was interesting.. last night I had been looking at doing my first aid certificate and while Nat was getting her foot iced with the Ambulance lady, I mentioned that I was trying to contact her yesterday to see if she would do her first aid with me so I am not all alone.  Now the ambulance ‘officer’ said she was a member, you volunteer for a minimum of 20hrs a year and that qualifies you for free first aid updates and training!  So now I am like ‘a door just opened right in front of me’ – like fate put me on a path and led me right to the front door!  Now, do I have the balls to open it!

race day 020

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