Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creating an Upward Spiral!

It is time to reverse the flow of my life from downward spiral to upward spriral!  I am crawling out of the hole and getting a foothold back in my life (or grabbing hold of the steering wheel as Mish would say!).

So this is day three of my new life and I am rocking it!  I am waking up and instead of jumping on the computer, I am hanging out washing and getting the kids sorted, and breaky dishes washed.  I am planning my day out, working out what I need for dinner, and all that before I even leave the house.  I have been making great progress at uni, slowly but surely getting things done, keeping on top of the kids stuff, and even getting to the gym.  My food hasn't been so great - but it is getting better.  Having a 'start day' seems to make me feel like it is okay to wait.. it's a great excuse!

Anyways, I need me beauty sleep - no more staying up late for me! 

Oh. I ran 6km tonight - first big run in ages!  Feeling good!

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