Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 2: Tuesday

Today was very busy!  I had my haircut at 9am, and then it was off to the park with the kids!   I did awesomely food wise, except that I was late home and ended up getting takeout for dinner (a seafood basket from Red Rooster!).  I also skipped the gym due to the lateness of the day.  It was an unavoidable consequence of school holidays – some days I will need to be at the lab until late in the day so I can get my results!

But lesson learnt.. I need to make sure D is on board with cooking dinner or that I have a spare meal in the freezer ready to cook.  Let’s not mention that I had some lasagne in there already that I could have eaten, or that the Pork was already defrosted!  I should have taken my yogurt with me and I could have eaten that during a break instead of hanging out until 7pm to go home with nothing to eat since midday!  It won’t happen again, and was my official treat meal – I didn’t have my afternoon tea so I am hoping that the meal didn’t come to much more then the 450cals to keep to goal!

Otherwise food was good:

  • Breakfast: oats with a cup of tea
  • MT: Bodywise Bar  120 cals
  • Lunch: Egg and lettuce sandwich w/mustard
  • Dinner: Seafood basket (only 1/2 chips) plus a coke zero
  • Other:choc o’lait with skim milk added.

I didn’t have much water today either which explains the headache!

Housework wise, I got my dishwasher run done this morning and a load of washing out, but never had a change to bring in and fold.. hopefully will have some time for that tomorrow!  Right now I am pretty smashed so heading off to bed!

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