Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 2: Monday

It is school holidays, which means some major schedule re-shuffling!  I made it out for a quick shop this morning, and then took the kids to the Zoo and then Maccas for lunch.
I’ve done okay food wise so far today after lasts nights total blow-out!  I mean seriously, who eats 3 magnum ice creams AND a drumstick ice cream as well??  There was no need for it.. I had dinner all ready to cook but because I had ‘blown out’ and had a bit of popcorn chicken from KFC that morning, I seemed to just let it all just go to shit!  I just wanted it so bad!
But anyway, it is time to move on. 
  • Breakfast: oats with a bit of honey; cup of tea
  • Morning Tea: Bodywise Bar
  • Lunch: Jen’s Lasagne serve
  • Afternoon Tea: 3 chicken nuggets, yogurt, cup of tea
  • Dinner: Pan-fried Fish
And then it will be off to the gym for my workout, a small protein shake and then off to bed nice and early!  I can do this!

UPDATE:  I had a mini protein shake (teaspoon of protein powder and half a cup of milk) before heading to the gym.  Got through the lower body workout no problems, and have had a chocolate milk (choc o'lait) before bed.  I am tired now so it is off to bed for this little chooky!

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