Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gear up!

I love this task!

Okay, so I am already a gym member, have a punching bag out the back, and my iPhone with Runkeeper for keeping distance for runs, but I love to ‘gear up’ for each round!

So the picture to the right:

  • Halo headbands
  • Polar FT4 HRM
  • Lorna Jane pants and slogan shirtwater-bottle
  • Nike running shoes
  • Adidas running belt

Not included in the pic but essential none the less:

  • BPA-free water bottle
  • Hat suitable for running or outdoor sports
  • Sunscreen (good quality!)
  • A good pair of sports socks
  • gym towel (still need to get a good one of these!)

Other things I have bought for classes and just for fun:finale 003

  • boxing gloves and bag
  • gel seat cover for RPM
  • Gym bag (I have the Lorna Jane rustic bag which I adore! – see below)
  • and a running skirt.. just coz they are awesome!


cookiemonster 002

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  1. Hey Jen,
    Have you tried your gym for a towel? Goodlife has really nice ones and they are pretty decent sized too.