Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Fitness Test: PS-Task 7

How can this test not be fun?  I have to admit that the 1km time trial has been my downfall many a round.  I hate it. Maybe because I have this need to run 1km first to warm-up, then the 1km time trial, and my walk/jog 1km home again.

This round I took the option to use the rower machine at 50% for my 1km time trial.  This means I can do my test at the gym – no running to organise, no setting crap up at home and the self-consciousness of my family being aware of what I am doing (or worse, feeling like I am doing it in secret).  I already feel 100% better about my ability to do all the fitness tests throughout the round!


1km time trail (rower 50%) 4mins 49secs (High end of intermediate)

Wall sit: 28secs (low end of beginner)

Push-ups 1min:  Toes: Knees: 16 (24 total = Intermediate)

Abs: Stage one (wrist to knee achieved = beginner)

Flex: 0cm average (intermediate)

The cardio I am fine with.. I am on the border of intermediate and advanced. The push-ups, I would be advanced if I did them all on my knees so I am happy with that.  Abs is an improvement on my previous big fat 0’s!  And my flex has gone down a bit.  But what the hell happened on my wall sit!  I can only say that I did it straight after the rower and I was because very cautious to make sure my legs were at right angles (maybe too cautious?) and felt like I was slipping down the wall.  I’ve never had a problem making it 1min before, and have done a 1:38 so goodness knows!  I will repeat this one tomorrow on a different wall.

For the important stuff, I am on on the high end of intermediate so I am confident going in for advanced again.  So glad it is done and dusted and very happy with the change in program that resulted in the fitness being shifted to the pre-season tasks!



  1. Just checking in to see how you are going Jeni - looking good there!

    1. Thanks Liz! I'll also be booking in for my papsmear and check-up tomorrow! I got the reminder a few weeks back but had let it slide! Your blog was a timely reminder!

  2. I disliked the 1km time trial as well, it took so much organisation. Last round I didn't do the last lot of fitness tests as I couldn't do that and the workouts (or maybe because I didn't want to!)

    Looking forward to hearing how you go in a month's time :-)

  3. lol Yup, I don't think I even did the first one last round!