Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Organisation: PS-Task 6

organisationThis task seems so easy.. schedule in your exercise, schedule in your meal times, schedule in your shopping time.  How hard can that be! 

For most people there are a lot of variables in life and we have to prioritise.  And that is where the issues lie.  This task is about taking our health and fitness and shifting its priority level right up there into the ‘not-negotiable’ zone.. the same zone as showering, brushing your teeth and kissing your kids goodnight. 

Really, it doesn’t matter if you have to change the times, or move your schedule around during the round.  Life happens and we are new to this.. we don’t know enough to make a perfect decision so let go of the perfect.  Get those essential elements.. 1hr a day, 6 days a week to exercise,  5-6 meals a day with 3/4 hrs between them, and a set time to meal plan, do your shopping list and get that shopping!  Plan time for unpacking your groceries, storing things so they last and are easily accessible – chop that celery into edible portions, make sure your spinach is in a sealed container with a paper towel to absorb moisture, divvy up nuts into portions, etc.

And the most essential.. plan for a cook-up of some of the meals.  You will notice that some meals serve 6 – these are great for cooking up in advance and popping into microwave safe or oven proof containers to heat up on lazy nights!

As an example, I cooked up Alison’s Penang Chicken and separated it out into plastic containers.  All I need to do is steam up the vegies (and rice if I want it) and heat up the meal in the microwave or in a pot.  Easy Peasy!

The big thing here is to remember that this is an ongoing task.  It doesn’t end here!  You  need to check your diary every week and plan around red flags or any changes in your schedule.  At night before you go to bed, check your diary to make sure everything will run smoothly, lay out your gym clothes, pack your gym bag – no excuses is a lot easier if you plan ahead!


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