Friday, May 11, 2012

Full body Workout 1

What I did tonight!

To warm up.. 3 rounds of

400m on rower

2mins at 10k on the tready

followed by (3 x 8-10) supersets of

Squat (15kg of squat rack) + Bent over Row (12.5kg)

Dumbbell incline Chest press (6kg) + Crunches

Then a low weight, high rep (12) superset of

Shoulder Press (7.5kg) + Static Lunges (each side)

Back to (3x 8-10) supersets of

Seated Hamstring Curl (30kg) + single arm French Press (4kg)

then a low weight, high rep (12) set of

bicep curls (4kg)

Then a 3 x 8-10 superset on the pulley machine (/4)

Overhead Tricep Extensions + trunk rotation (each side) at 30kg

Finishing off with a quick cardio

2mins at 10k on the tready

And my food Totals..

Would have been fine aside from finishing off the chocolate!


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