Sunday, May 27, 2012

P-S in Review 1

So last Sunday I jumped in and signed up for sixth round of 12wbt.  The week has been great..May 005

I started by getting out of the house and going for a run – 7km – that same afternoon!  My legs were killer sore the next day so I headed into the gym for an upper body workout even though I had a major case of the CBFs.  Tuesday I am quite proud of!  I was feeling a bit off colour, had a bad case of protein gas and abDOM’s and almost talked myself out of going.  I was damn close to walking out as I put my bag in my locker but I pulled out the 10min rule.  Of course, two minutes into my cardio workout and I am rocking it!  It was a shortish session, about half an hour or so, but I did my cardio, abs, and stretching. The only problem was that I did my workouts out of order so had to do my legs workout on Wednesday and left Thursday as a rest day.  Friday was cruise intervals in the great outdoors but it was pouring rain. I’m afraid to the CBF’s attack me that day!  And Saturday was the same… I decided to focus on the Kitchen Makeover task and meal planning.  Because I have missed 3 days in a row.. I need to pull out a 10km run this afternoon!!

During the week I attacked the pre-season tasks: writing up my excuses, thinking about my goals, and making plans!   My fridge is stocked, meal plan done, and clothes ready for the week ahead!

goals 007The biggest thing I have done this week is to find small rewards to give myself. 

A soak in the bath with the muscle soak RADOX and painting my nails started off my week with my best foot forward!  I even downloaded some television shows and enjoyed watching them with a hot chocolate!  It has been great to take the emphasis off food as my reward and the first port of call when it comes to relaxing.  Even taking some time to just lie quietly and listen to the Jillian Michaels podcasts has been great! 

Giving myself these small rewards has helped to take away the temptation to reward myself with food!


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