Monday, May 21, 2012

Goal Setting: P-S Task 2

my wedding dress3I’ve done goals before.  I forget them.

The things with goals is that have to mean something.  REALLY mean something.  They have to mean enough for you get out of bed at 5:30am, to head to the gym after a 16hr slog of housework, studying, and running around after kids, to miss out on late night television so you have enough energy to do your super Saturday session!

No stuffing around now.. let’s get honest. I want a shit hot body!  I want to be strong because it is FKN sexy!

I want to impress the blokes with a few pull-ups, do a handstand push-up, the splits, rock the chest press and squat my body weight. I want to be better.  Better then average, better then above average even. I want to impress people. No, I want to impress myself!

And I have a date for it.. October 28th I will be marrying my sweetheart of 20yrs.. exactly 20yrs since we first started ‘going out with each other’.  I want to be the sexiest 37 year old bride that ever walked down an aisle!

To make this stay in my mind I’ve created an iPhone wallpaper of my goals!  That way I will see it every day, several times a day, and I will not get off track!


  1. You've got this. Own it. You know you do.

  2. Hell yes I do Camilla! I've already started changing things, moving in the right direction so I will nail the 12wks!