Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Say it out Loud: P-S Task 4

This one is always hard for me.

This is the task where you need to think forward and consider what you are actually willing to ‘do’, not just say you are going to to.

It is easy enough to say what you want to do and how you would go about doing it, but are you actually going to do it?  Does your mind immediately say… ‘well, unless I get sick'.’, or ‘except when I am tired.’.   All those excuses suddenly start jumping up on that pathway you’ve just laid out to get to your goal.

Making a commitment is about setting those excuses aside and doing it anyway.  Acknowledging that there will be times when it is hard, there will be times when it is impossible.. it won’t be perfect.. but it will get done.

I’ve warned my family the kitchen makeover is coming, I’ve warned my workmates I will not be participating in morning teas, and I’ve let the gym know I will be a regular for the next few months so they had better make sure the ladies gym is well stocked with weights!

To Mish, to the support crew, and to fellow 12wbt’ers…

I hereby commit to training 5-6 days a week, following the lean and strong program.  I commit to using 12wbt recipes to create my own meal plan and incorporating healthy meal and snack ideas of my own within the guidelines.

I commit to participating in the forums, Facebook, and blogging regularly to help inspire others and to help keep me focused on my goal.


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