Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Parties for Children

Yes, it was one of those days today!  Master C was invited to a 6th Birthday Party at the Crazy Joker.  Lots of exercise, lots of sugar, lots of fun!

Well, for the kids anyway. I, on the other hand, had the rather daunting task of sitting in front of a table full of party food for 3hrs, with no money to buy my own food and little food at home to eat before hand.  Until Tuesday we are surviving on what is in the cupboard and nothing fresh is left - no fruit or vege (we used the last of the frozen vege tonight) - and it is hard!  My 'lunch' before going was a nutella sandwich!

While I was there I consumed about 3/4 of a plate of wedges with sourcream and sweet chilli sause, and a myriad of lollies, chips and a peice of cake with 2cm thick sugar icing around the top!  Having said that.. I did have fun.  I talked to people - something that is hard for me to do, and I smiled and enjoyed it!  It would have been nice if the food was a bit better.. I know that Master C had burnt off any calories he consumed there playing in the huge play area (and he guzzled down a good litre of water while he was there too!).

I guess the lesson today is to be prepared.  I didn't budget properly this week as we were expecting the loan to come through by Friday.. now it will be another week.  If I had of had planned I could have ordered myself a decent plate of food, or better still, bought something (though I think that is not allowed!).  I also could have had a better snack before I left.  I had had oats for breakfast, but an egg on toast would have been better!

Live and Learn!  Tomorrow is the official start of the challenge and it feels terrible to be starting off on such a bad footing.. no food in the cupboards and all.. but it is only one day so I had better suck it up and get on with it!

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