Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week One Wrap Up

As week one draws to a close I have to say that I am very happy with myself.  I have not let perfectionism take over, nor pushed myself too far - but I have still achieved so much in this first week that I can see that I will be able to stick this one out!

My food started off a bit shaky - and it showed in the weightloss.  I have finished strong nutrition wise though I am not properly calorie counting.  I fear that I may need to do so in order to lose weight as I have been tremendously hungry!  My 'sleep' eating, those midnight snacks, are not great even though I am making good protein based choices.  I still have that fear about less exercise in the lean and strong program, though it was mentioned that a good slow run would be okay once in a while.  I do like my running but I am enjoying the break from the evening runs and I really want to follow my trust in Mish philosophy! 
I have done my planning for next week, I have the full five days planned out but I will need to watch the weekends - that is for me to eat my leftovers!  I bought I chicken breast and cooked it up, divvying it up into 40g lots for lunches or for pizzas, and popped it into the freezer.  I've also put my pita bread and raison toast into the freezer so I can get out single serve lots the night before!  Organisation is the key!

The gym time went well but I am still struggling to get into uni and get that work done.  I need to make it happen though!  No stuffing around this week - straight from gym to work!  I am a bit upset at missing my Super Saturday Session, but I was sick and the day off served me well. I felt heaps better today and was able to get to the gym and meet Natalie for body balance - it was so great showing her around the machines and having a chinwag while on the treadmill!  20mins went sooo fast!  She was choking up the calories burnt pretty quick too!

All up, I have had an excellent first week.  I'm not sure how I will go with kilo's lost but I know I am stronger and fitter then ever before!  Oh, and my digestive system is loving the food!

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