Friday, May 27, 2011

Finding my way.

Breakthrough today at the gym!  No tears lower body and abs workout purely because I accepted where I am now.  I need to concentrate on form, learning how to do the exercises, learning where I am at now.  Pushing yourself is all well and good, but pushing too hard will mean you won't be working your target muscles effectively!  I also learnt a very important lesson in self-talk and how it affects our actions.

Today I learnt that I can do squats.. and do them well.  I can even do sumo squats!  I can do hamstring curls on a fitball, and I am learning to do lunges!
I can already see massive improvements in my abs.. I can do side crunches so easily now - I want to do the twisties though so I am doing a bit of research on how to build up the right muscles!  But omg!  I can do proper side planks!  I could only hold for 10secs but by golly I reckon I will be doing full minute ones in a couple of weeks!

Food wise I have been doing a lot better.. still getting caught out with midnight snacking but I am keeping it protein based (gotta love baked beans!).  I did eat some fantales and a freddo frog yesterday much to my disgust but I learnt something very important about how I talk.  I met up with a colleague as I was walking up to my office and she commented that I had lost weight.  Happy face!  I said yup, given up chocolate, I am such a chocolate addict I can eat a whole family block without thinking!  I went on to say that I was doing some strength training .. really sore (she is an instructor at the gym so I wasn't gabbling for no reason! lol) blah blah.  Anyways, a few hours I went to a library session and there was chocolate out ready for us.. so I grabbed one.. and another with my chocolate 'personality' coming out full force.  I went back to being that chocolate addict instead of the person who says no to chocolate.  I really think that if I hadn't of had that conversation earlier then I would not have indulged!

So today I have had my weightwise oats and cuppa tea with natvia sweetener, yogurt (forme) after my workout with a cuppa tea with half a sugar, and then made up the broccoli soup (took a lot longer then it said it would mind you!).  I accidently used twice the parmesan I should have .. weighed out 30g as a single serve without thinking that it is meant to be two serves but I reckon it's okay as I didn't have any bread to go with it!  Very filling I must say.. I will have to sit and rest while my stomach processes all those healthy vitamins and minerals!

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