Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Two.. Blah Blah Blah

It seems things can never stay up for long.. they must always come down again and that is where I am today!  Two kids home sick, the sniffles, and feeling like poop.  I made it to the gym for my workout (my eldest is 12yo and the neighbours are pretty good at keeping their ears out for them) and topped up at 255calories for the session.. again down from yesterday.

It started off a bit down even.. the crosstrainer is my worst enemy!  I just don't have the weight behind me to make it work I think.. I never seem to get too far on it and feel terrible afterwards!  So ten minutes on that and I was already feeling pooped!  Leg press was great... started at 86kg x12, tried 91kg and managed to do 12, so tried 100kg and managed 8 reps.  Ripper!  That is double my goal weight!  The hamstring curls and leg extension machines were fine.. 30kg of 3x12 and 23kg 8/11/9 reps each set.  Lunges ended up with me nearly in tears... I tried with 3kg dumbells and 3reps into the middle set on my left leg and my knee gave in a bit.  I just need to practice more but it is one of the exercises where you don't really feel it until you 'really' feel it.  So lots more lunges (without dumbells) for me until I get my form right.  I had a similar issue with twisties - I could not physically get into a position to do them so I did the side crunches instead.  Tomorrows work out has both so I think I might just try holding a half sit up postion for a while instead!

Now, food is an issue.. I had to get up and eat twice last night!  And it wasn't a hunger I could ignore either - totally ravanous vacuum type feeling - not just belly rumbling!  I'm not calorie counting right now, and can't follow the meal plan exactly either but I am trying to stick as close as possible to it.  I'm hoping I just need those extra calories to put on muscles!  The scales this morning didn't look so positive though!


  1. Good on you for still making it to the gym - I only managed to leg press 50kg, my current body weight. Can you get someone at the gym to show you the right form for lunges?

  2. Thanks Kathy! I need to work up the courage to ask... I have watching u-tube videos and reading up on them and today's were much better! Fingers crossed I nail them next week!