Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Fitness Test

Today I went through the fitness test for the 12wbt... I was procrastinating a little as this has been my biggest obstacle in 'completing' the rounds - I do the first two tests and that's it!  But this time I am going to succeed.  I am going to improve in each test and it will be fantastic to see how much I am improving!

So first up I did the 1km time trial.  Now I know that my first 5mins running are my slowest - I need that time to 'warm up'  So that is exactly what I did.  I set up runkeeper with two 1km intervals, mapped the route and checked where the 1km trial will start and finish (to make sure runkeeper is accurate) and off I went.  The first 1km I walked and jogged and then I took off when the beep went - right in the middle of 'firework' by Katy Perry. Talk about motivation to move my tooshie!  Half way through is the hardest, you have to fight with your mind 'I can do anything for 5mins, It's only five minutes of pain, just keep going'.  And I did.  It felt so good to actually run!  Not jog or waddle, but to actually run!  Feel the wind against my cheeks, my hair blowing out, that nip of cold against sweaty skin.. can you tell I get a runner's high around this point?

It was over quickly though.. it felt like it was too quick but I checked.. the gps was working fine and it was 1km.  I had to wait till I got home to check my time.. I could see that I ran 10.77km per hour which translated to 5.34mins/km for my time trial!  I am soo happy!  Given I haven't been running much this last 2mths now, I was happy to see that I was on the borderline between intermediate and advanced.  I will smash it out of the water next fitness test!

So I come home with nice warm muscles and quickly moved through the rest..

Sit and Reach was -5cm - borderline between beginner and intermediate (it may have been -4cm as the ruler moved a bit)
Push ups.. 25 in 1 min.  I did the first 5 on my toes as well!  Intermediate for this one!
Wall sit.. 1min 19secs  Intermedate again
Abs level.. a big fat 0!  Dyllan stood on my toes and I could do a full sit up but I think that is cheating!

All up I average out at intermediate for strength, adv for cardio (I'm giving myself that 4secs!) and beginner for core and flexibility!  But to hell with that.. I'm doing advanced lean and strong!  Just try and stop me!

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