Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So I started to exercise...

I snuck back in to Round one, Week one Program and printed out the L&S program to do today.  I was a bit lazy and held off until this afternoon but I did it.  My gosh was it hard!

I did the warm-up then headed over to the mats for the core workout (wednesday is core day) and started off, 20reps of each exercise in 3 circuits. 
The first exercise was simple, and not too much work at all (alternating leg and arm raises from a hands and knees positions) and I felt like a bit of a dufus doing them - though by the third circuit I was grateful for the opportunity to stretch!  I did wobble a bit though so I certainly have room for improvement - just goes to show - you don't need to be in pain to be working out!
Next was the back extension.. alternating sides.. this was a killer and I really pushed it but boy am I feeling it in my back already!  Even with my chin tucked in I am feeling it in my neck muscles but not badly which is good! 
Then it was the twist crunches!  Now I assume as it was specified to do both left and right that all up we needed to do 40 crunches: 20 left, 20 right.  It felt great counting them out though I did have to stop and rest a few times!  I find I am stronger on the left crunches then the right too.  It felt a little lopsided!
The next exercise I struggled with, lower body twists - I really should have looked at the instructions better before hand as I wasn't sure if I needed to lift my hips off the ground or not!  Looks like you do though which is good as that is what I was doing! The 20reps seemed really huge for this one as well as it was left and right so 40 all up!
Lastly was the reverse crunch - fantastic exercise and the only one I didn't need to have breaks for.  You do need to concentrate on your movement though.. make sure you are getting the core muscles working to the max!
I found overall that the workout seemed very drawnout.. 40reps for some exercises (particularly the first one with a 5sec hold) were tedious and then going for the three rounds seemed to take forever.  But it felt really good at the end.. I was very happy that I didn't take short-cuts like lowering the reps on the left/right exercises.

The stretching felt really great afterward though!  I love taking those few minutes to really stretch it out!

My back is really feeling it tonight though.. and I pray that my stomach muscles dont' freak out tomorrow!

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