Friday, May 20, 2011

My first sessions for round 2!

As per my post last week, I have downloaded the week one program (L&S) from round one and have been doing it this week.  I blogged wednesday's core session and now I have completed the thursday and friday sessions (upper and lower body).

I was pretty stoked with myself.. I was able to complete them all and a lot easier then when I tried last round!  I need to record the weights and reps and any changes I needed to make as well!

1000m on rowing machine: 5mins 30
Assisted chin-ups (50kg  3x8)  At 56kg I think that this means I was only lifting 6kg.. I'm meant to be lifting the equivelant of 25kg!  Any help here would be great!
chest Press with Barbell... there was a 12.5kg barbell set up so I used that for 3x12, I think I need to increase it as it was quite easy.
Dumbbell Fly.. 5kg, 3x12 (I felt it, and it felt goooood!)
Machine Shoulder Press.. I used the 'overhead press' machine with 16kg.. 3x8
Tricep Dips (1 leg elevated).. I did the three sets left leg/right leg/both legs down.
Front Raises 2kg, 3x12 (ouchies)
Bicep curls with dumbbells  5kg 3x8.  These were weird as I am not used to started with my hand by my sides.  I might check the instructions again!
Abs circuit was easy as, though I used knees for the side planks as I have never done them before!

Leg Press 84kg, 3x12 sets (I reckon I could increase it a bit too)
Squats.. I need to use a barbell next time as I just don't feel it!
Leg extensions.. my core is so soft but I managed the 3x12 easy
Step Ups, 3x12l/r 5kg - no problems
Seated Donkey Calf Raises.. no machine so I did straight calf raises, the last set I did toes in for 12 and toes out for 12.
Fitball Hamstring Curls - loved it.. I felt it this time, last time I tried these I just couldn't get it to work! 3x12
Clams.. my flexibility is limiting my success here.. I can do them but it pulls my right quad to a cramp.

Nice to not have abs in this one but the extra stretches were lovely!

The new program is going to be a bit different to this but I am enjoying getting into the gym and loving the muscle work!

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