Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Delineation of goals


One of my major obstacles/excuses in my Michelle Bridges 12 week transformation challenge has been negotiating the priorities in my life – exercise, family, housework, university, and everything else that doesn’t fit nicely into a label!  So I think it is time to really define the areas of my life and apply some of the mindset exercises to these areas.

1. Body Goals

First up are my personal goals.  Things that are just about me and my body.  Can I divide this up even further?  Let’s see!  I will try and keep it simple!

Exercise (Running, Gym)

Nutrition (obvious)

Health (doctor’s Dentist, podiatrist etc)

General Care (haircuts, clothing, waxing etc)

Romance (dates and sex!)

2. Study/Work Goals

Written/ research (confirmation, papers)

Lab work


3. Family Goals

Health (doctors appts, etc)

General care (haircuts, clothes, etc)

School/ learning (participation, homework)


4. Home Goals

General cleaning and organisation

Decorating and furnishing


Car (cleaning and maintenance)

5. Money Goals

Everyday finance



6. Special Events

Birthday parties for the boys


Holidays/ camping

Extended Family visits


Oh gosh!  The scary thing is that I am sure I will think of more!  On an everyday level, the hardest things to juggle are the exercise, uni, and finding time to do the housework and cook nutritious meals!  I have to work in 6-8hrs a day of uni time and take full advantage of that time, as well as fit in everything else!  Time to do up a schedule me thinks!

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