Thursday, May 19, 2011

Measuring Up...

Ahhhhhh!  It is that time again.  Out comes the bikini and the camera, the bar stool and the newspaper, the tapemeasure, scales and then comes the sound of my delusions being shattered.  We all do it!  We all hide behind our carefully constructed fantasy world in which we really don't look that bad.  In my case, my little fantasy includes having boobs, a flatish belly, and no triple chins.  And we won't even go near hair issues (hopefully the camera wasn't close enough to either!).

So here goes.

I weigh 56.65kg (at 155cm tall I have about 5/6kg to lose)
Chest.. 88cm
Waist also.. 88cm
Hip.. a whopping 92cm
My thighs were measured 24cm up to make sure I got the fat bits..
right.. 51cm
left.. 50cm

Unfortunatly I think they are pretty much identical to my starting measurements last round.  Logging in to check now... and.....omg!  I feel better now... they are equal to my week 4 stats!
Here is a run down of my week one stats last round
weight 58.1 (down from 60+ in the preseason)
chest 90cm (-2)
wasit 92cm (-4)
Hip 96cm (-4)
right 54cm (-3)
left 52cm (-2)

Well, now I feel a little happier.  After week 4 I hit stress town - had to move house and had some major financial worries but no real reason not to do the challenge.. I just let myself down.

Okay so now for the big one... here is the photos.  Please pardon the horrid tan line on my arse.  I took swimming lessons over the summer and my one peice is much more arse friendly then these bits of fabric they call a bikini!  And a quick note to self.. don't tuck your chin in for a photo... it looks awful!

I'm thinking I am not too bad.. just a little padded!  No definition, no shape!  Well, apart from the roundness of my belly! 

Now, my scales..

I have 28.0% body fat (15.8kg in body fat!  OMG!  Ewwww!).  That needs to change!  I want to get as close to 20.0% as possible, and 51kg.  I want my photos to show a flat stomach, less flap in the arms, less thigh-thigh contact, and a WAIST!  I have never had one of those! (Though I must say, it looks like it might be coming along in that back flex photo!)

So anyways.. there I am in all my glory!  I am truely sorry if you're eyes are permanently damaged in anyway!

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  1. Hi Jen - Looking forward to following you on your Lean & Strong journey - I'm also a shortie (150cm!) - I always joke that I'm not overweight I'm undertall!!