Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goal Setting!

Continuing on from last week.. I am really stuck on this goal setting task!  I really think this is where I fell down last rounds.. I focused on goals I thought I should.. rather then what I actually want.  My ultimate goal is to feel loved, by me, my family, and my partner.  I want to have a 'hot' body.. I want to be wanted for my sexiness! lol  I want others to look at me and say 'wow' she is looking awesome!

At the end of the challenge I want to go to the finale party and workout.  I want to look awesome. 
I have made it as a finalist in the Michelle Bridges facebook comp.. (please vote for me!  Jenifer A)
so it is possible I can get there.. fingers crossed!  But I am going no matter what!  It is a huge motivation to work toward as well!

So I am going to take my 'body' goals from last week and get more specific!

Exercise (Running, Gym)
  I want to look hot so I think it is time to get serious and do the lean and strong program, with a little extra cardio thrown in for good measure.  I have my gym membership... I am thinking I can wake up early and get in a 3-5km run, then get dressed and ready, drop off kids to school and do 45mins at the gym before hitting uni!  I can do a couple of hours extra study at home each night to compensate!  this will also clear up my afternoons so I can concentrate on cooking healthy dinners! 
Nutrition (obvious)
  Okay, I really fall down here.. no take out, no 'treats' - I need to treat my body like a temple so it will look like a temple!

Health (doctor’s Dentist, podiatrist etc)
  Time to get my crowns done and see about getting my mouth looking like a normal persons!  I was born with no adult molars, and have lost two of my baby ones now with nothing to fill the gap - it looks awful enough having the ones I have filled with silver but the gaps are even more obvious!
Less obvious is my mental health.  I think it is time to go see about getting some help with my panic disorder/social phobia.  It is time to get over it once and for all.  Sure, I have come a long way from where I was 15 years ago, but it is not normal to be this scared of life.  The finale has a lot to do with it.. I think if I can fly down for the finale and attend, I can do anything!

General Care (haircuts, clothing, waxing etc)
  So I doubt I will ever wax my bikini line but I need to start looking after how I look.. I want to get my eyebrows shaped, my arms waxed, and my nails done.  I derserve to look hot.  I am happy growing my hair long at the moment - it means I can do it up, but I might see about getting a colour done!  And of course, I need some clothes!

Now for the how-to and breaking it down.  I will just focus on this week and week one of the challenge and then will reassess and see how it all went!

1. Exercise: I am running this afternoon, but will run again in the morning.. at 6.30am so to bed early tonight.  I will head to the gym after school drop off and do the wednesday of the week one L&S program.. I have it printed out ready to go.
2. Health: I will go through my dental quote and ring my health insurance then make the appointments!
3. I will call the wax shack after gym tomorrow and make an appointment for the eyebrow wax!

I feel better!

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