Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sooo tired!

Today has been a hard day.  Both with my exercise and life in general.  It began with a gain on the scales and just kept getting worse...

I don't know what happened with my scales.. it was the new ones that were evil and gave me a 0.55g gain on last week.  My other scales were a loss - a very small one, but still a loss!  I am thinking it was the pizza and garlic bread from the night before come to haunt me!  I am going to be a lot more careful with my food and have even done a bit of planning and shopping. 

I cooked up the chicken soup - how quick and easy was that!  But doubled the recipe and used more chicken as I didn't want to eat the dessert.  I've got two serves left - though I really don't know if they are proper serves or not - I just estimated what looked like a decent amount to eat (I got 7 meals all up out of it, with one being a double serve for hubby so it should be about right!).  I also bought the ingredients for dinner tomorrow night, and lunch and dinner the next night.  No excuses!

I did bum out for lunch today had steamed rice, stir-fry veg, and thai green chicken curry - but it was in a small 300mL?? serving bowl so hopefully that minimises the damage.  I didn't have my afternoon snack to make up for it!  and dinner was pretty light so lets hope I was at least near my 1200cal range.

So the gym.. I had to do it in the afternoon as I had a job interview at 10am, not to mention drama with kids in the morning as well!  Grr!  Anyways.. I got to the gym and did my 15mins on the rower - longest I have ever been on the damn thing - and made it 2.6km.  Then I started the abs workout - groan.  I couldn't do the Aeroplanes - it just hurt my shoulder, so I just did the lifts without the L/R thing - hold for 10secs and repeated that 5 times each set (assuming the 15x was a typo).  The planks were great, I did 20secs on toes, 10secs on knees.. repeat 4 times.  The side twists were okay... I'm not sure if it is doing anything though, crunches all good, side crunches fine (though my left side seems to have less flexibility),  reverse plank I couldn't even do one of... and I can't seem to get the picture up at the moment to see what I was doign wrong.  I would like to note that at this point I was in tears AGAIN! - two days in a row I have cried at the gym!  Reverse crunches were fine, but the leg extensions were horrid.  I tried the holding for 5 secs but could only make it to 3 secs and then could only do about 3reps each side.. I had to go back to 1sec for the whole 15 reps!  I was so upset, and still am.  I am so peeved at myself for not being able to do the exercises I need to.  I'm annoyed that there are typos in the program which mean I don't know if I am just being a whuss or not - I just feel so inadequate.  I'm not giving up though... I am more determined to keep going so I can see those improvements.  In Mish we Trust. 

Sigh.. anyways... it took me 1hr and 15mins for today.. so much for a 'quick' one!  And then I came home and cooked dinner, cleaned up after dinner and sat down and here I am.  Almost bed time so I will have to get up and chase the kids very soon!

I'm glad today is over.. but I will be checking the program for tomorrow to make sure I can follow it!

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