Monday, May 23, 2011

Lean and Strong Day One

The Mishelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation includes a Lean and Strong Program for those at, or near, goal weight and wanting to tone up.  This is the second round it has been running and my second attempt.  Last round I did the first four weeks and changed to Lean to Fit as I as a little overwelmed by the program itself - pyramid sets, super sets, whatthehell sets?

Today was my first day and first session.. 9am at the gym!

I was hoping to go into the general area but it was overrun with a group of women on the cardio equipment so I headed to the ladies only area thinking I would come back for the rest of the workout.

Alternating tready and rowing done.. about 2.30mins for each.  I started at 11km/hr on the tready but dropped to 10km/hr for the last two sets, and the last set on the rower was closer to 3mins!  Heartrate was right up there!  I had my HRM running but pretty much forgot about it after this point...
Ok, so lat pull-downs were down with the handles rather then the bar.  There is no lat pulldown  machine with a bar in the gym and that bar was hooked up to the freedom machine - about 2in out of my reach (I hate being short some days) and the only trainers around were busy.  Feeling a bit blah about that but I am sure I will get over it.  I will mention something to the gym folk and see what I can do.. I could have used the freedom machine in the girl area - at least I can set the arms wide.

The rest of the workout went exactly as Mish stated.. I used recommended weights all round.  Two exercises I struggled with though.. the tricep one - I used two hand weights (3kg) and did the same movement.  I just felt like I didnt' have control of the barbell and my shoulders were working rather then my triceps, and the sit-ups.  For the full sit up I hooked my feet up under the pilates machine (irony anyone?) for the first set and managed 12 but struggled, next circuit I only managed four and then switched to crunches for the rest.

Oh, I also had trouble with the shoulder press... my neck kept hurting so I think I need to build up my upper body strength before doing some of the exercises - no point over-reaching if I am not getting the benefit of the exercise!

Anyways.. I checked my HRM just as I went to do my abs circuit and it was over 340cals, and I stopped straight after I completed my circuit for a whopping 366cals!  I am totally blown away!  I wasn't even trying to push my cals up, was stuffing around changing equipment and setting up barbells as well!  I might see if I can pull a 400 cal session in the morning!

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