Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chicken Salsa

A yummy light lunch that is super quick and easy!  I freeze my chicken breast fillets as singles, whihc is around two serves.  Cook up the whole fillet at lunch, dice it up and use half now, half for dinner (or in the fridge for tomorrows lunch!).

Serves: 1
Calories: 250 (Optional: 320)


80g of chicken (cooked and diced)
35g of roasted capsicum salsa (Old El Pasco)
25g light 'n tasty shredded cheese (Devondale)
handful of mixed lettuce or baby spinach
1 slice of mountain bread


If having mountain bread, turn the oven onto 200C and slice up mountain bread into (8) triangles, bake for 15mins (while preparing the rest of the meal) or until they look nice and crispy (you can add a light spray of oil if you like).

combine chicken and salsa, place on a microwave safe plate and top with cheese.  Microwave for 1min (approx) or until cheese melts (you could grill if you like). 
Serve with mixed lettuce leaves or baby spinach.
Optional: serve with mountain bread 'crisps' as well!

**great to take to work.. split into two containers, one to microwave with grated cheese, and one with the salad and/or mountain bread crisps.
**an alternative is to use the mountain bread and make it a wrap!

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